Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Co working hubs- The Preferred Workstation Of Future Business Entrepreneurs!


Get introduced to 21st century workplace! Co-working hubs boasting fun and luxury amenities like cafeteria, fun zones & meeting rooms, even crèche for women entrepreneurs to carry their child with them are becoming the most preferred workstation of tomorrow!

They are a great option for businesses and start-ups who want well-equipped places at lesser costs compared to rents and purchase of a place.

Versatile- Get all your needs nurtured under one roof!
There’s one major striking aspect of these co-working hubs which makes them a perfect workstation! Apart from offering a favorable working environment, it helps startups & businesses greatly to build valuable networks! You get everything from technical help, valuable mentoring sessions, getting investors to meeting new customers & even hiring an essential talent pool all under one roof!

Hear from some of the executives turned successful start-ups with the help of co-working hubs!

Ritu Ghuwalewala is the owner of big-data analysis firm MavenMagnet started in 2009. She, at the age 28, learnt to fire a worker. He was highly qualified & was the only local team member in Mumbai in 2012.

And for Ritu, it was a tough moment as it was a growing phase. "If there had been a concrete office resembling our only company, I would not have been able to do it," says Ritu. Her brother & cofounder worked from United States.
“Luckily, I wasn’t operating from our own office. I had peers around me at Bombay Connect (coworking hub in the upscale Bandra in Mumbai) where large group of skilled entrepreneurs advised me on how to fire an employee who’s not shaping up,” said Rita.

Huddled round a table on the 1st floor of Social Connect in Bangalore are Anjali Batra & Shuchir Suri, the young founders of Food Talk India. They work hard on their phones & notebooks. However, the ambience boasting soft lighting and couches along with EDM music and bar counter only suggests that the duo were living it up all-away from the office!

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Satish Khanna who’s a former pharmaceutical honcho turned successful entrepreneur says: "Networking is key for a successful business." He works out of Regus which is a multinational co-working hub boasting 5-star feel. 
"Every Monday I remove time to meet corporate and executives of 2 companies which work from here. This helps me greatly to make new contacts & further new connections which lead to newer and lucrative business opportunities."

There are more things you’ll love about co-working hubs. The work tables there gets easily converted into the lunch tables & you can quickly revert back. 
For instance, at 91Springboard in Delhi, the reception area can become a lounge with carom board and so on. This reflects good utilization of space. They’re flexible, nimble and modern which have made startups & businesses go gaga over these evolving workspaces of future!

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