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How To Write The Perfect E-mail?

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My name is Donald Russe. I am sharing an article on writing emails...
Okay, I'll stop right there. Does this kind of opening honestly makes you read this blog any further? Well, perhaps not.
However, it’s shocking that many sales reps still actually use such structure to connect with their prospects.

The purpose of any prospect email is not to simply send it. However, it's to get some response too! Hence, I’d like to share my well-tested 5-step formula for writing the perfect e-mail which people will actually respond to.
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The below 5-step formula is the key to get your prospects to respond to your e-mail-
1) Accumulate credible information to prepare your e-mail
2) Proper Subject Lines
3) Proper Opening phrase
4) Body Copy
5) Signature

1)  Accumulate credible information to prepare your e-mail
Prior to writing e-mail, spend 5-10 minutes for preparation with relevant information.

Below are certain points to help you in research-

Search on Google-
See if they have a blog. If yes then analyze what they're really interested in & write about.

Examine their social presence-
This refers to finding out whether they have any recent posts or updates on their social media pages like Facebook & Twitter. This lets you know more about the prospect’s interests.
Check their company website and social media pages. Also review their about us page or their management page.

It does not end here! You need a reason to reach out to someone.

Essential Tip- Think that how you're connected with your target group. Is it because of mutual connections? Great! Use them in your e-mail's introduction to generate credibility.

Analyze their preferred search terms-
Which pages did the person most recently viewed on your website? Which search terms brought him to your business?
All this will help to establish the right context thus not seeming like a typical intruding sales rep to the prospect. Hence, you can easily leverage this information & start a personalized e-mail conversation!

2)  Subject Lines-
Here your focus should not be on closing the deal. Instead, aim to get a response!

Now use that context generated to write the perfect e-mails, starting with subject lines as follows-
·        Saul, a quick question for you.

·       (Mutual connection) recommended me to get in touch.

·        Ideas for (something that's of importance to them)

·       Quick question on (any recent trigger event or their goal)

·         Thoughts about (title of his/her blog post)

#Words to avoid in subject lines (also words with similar meaning should be avoided)-

  •  Final                                                 
  • Complimentary
  •  Unique
  • Help
  • Discount
  • Sale
  • Donate
  • Solution
  • Don't
  • Exciting
  • Special
  • Reminder

3)  Opening Phrase-

Now let us start writing the content within your e-mail.
Don't start writing like, "My name is..." Will you reply to such e-mail?

Instead start with something about your target group (TG), not you.
Below are some examples-
I noticed you...

(A mutual connection) said...

I liked your post on...

Congratulations for...

4)  Body Copy-
Your body copy must exhibit your value by aligning you with your prospect's interests and goals.

#Avoid generic statements like-
We assist firms to achieve greater leads by 400% & efficiently give better ROI by…

Instead ask a credible question which aligns your research information with their (prospect's) goals, like-
    1)   Is (their goal or interest), the main priority for you now?
    2)   Do you have certain queries about (learning topic)?
    3)   How, if you like, would want to enhance your strategy?
    4)   Do you prefer lifestyle business, niche business or domination over the entire sector?
    5)   Are you doing this solely?
    6)   Was this amazing idea all yours?

5)  Signature-
Remember that your e-mail signature must not distract the prospect.
Instead, they must be-
·        Short & crisp- No need to scroll down, upwards, right & left.
    Simple-use simple black text.
Include contact details & a link to view your preferred online profile.

I hope you gained useful insights on writing the perfect e-mails.
However, do you want to know more about writing an e-mail template which nails it every time?

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