Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Corporate Trend Alert- Picturing 21st Century Workplace!

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Co-working hub

Centuries ago, hunter gatherers possessed farms. 20th century manufacturing era reflected the start of factories. And then the services era brought a wave of snazzy corporate offices boasting glass and chrome. Do you have any clues on how the tomorrow’s workplace will look like?
It’s here! Driven by lively startups & scrappy entrepreneurs to passionate freelancers & consultants, it’s going to be the era of virtual world leveraging the power of networking.

The DEN of the future entrepreneurs!
In the past week, I spent time with startups in their lovely den only to find clues of 21st century workplace! They’re none other than what are known as co-working hubs. Increasing number of startup businesses are showing interest in setting up offices in various co-working hubs.

What is a co-working hub?
Co-working hubs are shared office spaces. You can book space on a per seat basis which is much cheaper than the enormous rents or buying a place and even getting a plush ambience!

Start-ups are undoubtedly becoming a hot favorite so much so that young, old & experienced executives are trading their comfy jobs for a rough ride building businesses with these startups. No wonder, co-working hubs are the best place to spot such start-ups.

You’ll find them mushrooming all over. Examples include, 91Springboard, Stirringminds & Social Offline In Delhi. There’s also Bombay Connect and The Playce in Mumbai. All have of expanding to multiple cities & fast. Bangalore also known as India’s Silicon Valley is the startup hub which seems far ahead with such exciting facilities.

What’s special about these co-working hubs which have made them so popular?
There are 5 reasons-
   1)   They offer great flexibility while startups scale up or scale down. Here, one needs to book space on a per seat basis which helps to cut significant costs related to buying or renting a place & it’s very easy!
   2)   Co-working hub reflects a plug-and-play model. It cuts down all administrative hassles which distracts several startups and tends to eat into their precious energy and time.
   3)   Talent hiring & retention is a big issue today where young entrepreneurs prefer a hot-and-happening work place. And for bootstrapped businesses it’s a hard one if gone by renting or buying a place! In such scenarios, co-working hubs act like a boon offering great place to work!

Boringbrands.com’s Aakriti Bhargava says, “To operate out of trendy co-working hubs are major drivers to help her attract & retain talent.”

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