Monday, September 8, 2014

How To Successfully Handle Customer Complaints? Part 1


Handling customer complaints in an efficient & effective manner is incredibly important. It’s a crucial part of any firm’s overall service experience by its customers.

If a customer undergoes negative experience, it can be easily taken as an opportunity to win over that customer for life!

However, handling customer complaints & negative feedback in a positive manner takes lot of practice & patience. In fact I suggest a key term to remember to handle customer complaints effectively. It’s “p2” which means “practice and patience.”

Below you’ll learn useful facts and strategies in terms of handling customer complaints effectively. They will help your business to incredibly boost its bottom line.

Why handling customer complaint is crucial to your business?
Poorly managed customer complaints are the quickest ways one can demolish his otherwise stellar brand reputation.

Consider Phil institute’s following statistics-
  •       When you resolve customer’s complaint in its favor, 70% he/she will revert for business with you yet again.
  •        95% of customers prefer giving second chance if you’re able to handle their complaints successfully.

It’s not viable to satisfy every customer. However, if you’re able to covert an initially bad experience into a good one, the returns will be immense!

Further you’ll learn essential strategies to enable you to do just the same!

“Treat each customer like they have more than 10,000 Twitter followers."

The above line quoted by Myers Barnes drives home an overarching point. It’s that every customer should be treated equally with respect.

Remember that each customer has a large audience at its disposal. Hence, if you give her a good buying and service experience, she’ll perhaps spread the good word of mouth to all the audience she knows!

Why Evernote CEO loves his angriest customers?!
Recently, Phil Libin, Evernote’s CEO gave an interesting insight about his love for his angriest customers.

He emphasizes on the need for a balance. This balance must be maintained between internal innovation & customer feedback.

Phil said, “Customer feedback is a great tool to tell you what went wrong. It's terrible at pointing you about what you must do next!”

This point makes one more fact clear. Innovation does need help and feedback from your team. However, in the process customers mustn't be ignored which can show your team the right direction! In fact it’s all about customers, right?

You’ll always encounter a customer who never gets satisfied on the price front. In such cases, you should accept such feedback with a pinch of salt.

Nevertheless, if there are multiple customers who are facing trouble using some Key Feature A then there may be a serious communication problem which needs immediate attention!

Also incorporate an easy-to-use and efficient feedback system which will track all relevant complaints regularly!

Stay tuned for my next article on How To Successfully Handle Customer Complaints? Part 2.  In that I will reveal how to identify and categorize the different types of complainers to handle customer complaints effectively.

IAM is also conducting a practical seminar for corporate personnel who want to master the art of handling customer complaints effectively. This seminar will be delivered by an expert professional who is himself a gold medalist in Mass Communications & holds First Class Masters Degree from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. Know more


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