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The 3 Must Have Psychological Qualities To Be The Most Effective Manager

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We live in an “era of complexity”. This implies that world is more intricate than ever. This is the era of knowledge management and data analytics. It refers to rapid pace seen across technological changes. This also links to the huge amount of information & data being generated.

Taking you back to the 17th & 18th century, philosophers like Leibniz were already belligerent about the information overload at that time! However, the “horrifying mass of books” which they referred, only represented a tiny portion of today’s mass of knowledge and data!

Hence, to be ahead in both personal and professional life, one needs to be adept at managing relative complexity across different areas.  Perhaps then, the right question isn’t “Why is this era so much complex?” but “Why certain people are able to effectively manage complexity?

I remind my readers of 3 psychological qualities which will surely help you to effectively manage complexity & become the most effective manager & corporate personality.

The 3 psychological qualities which enhance one’s ability to effectively manage complexity are-

Intellectual quotient (IQ)
We all know that IQ refers to one’s mental ability. However, what’s lesser known or accepted is that IQ does impact wide range of the real-world outcomes like job performance & career success.

The key reason being that higher IQ level enables a person to learn & solve novel problems quicker. Prima facie, IQ tests may seem quite abstract & mathematical thus disconnected from the everyday life problems. However, they’re influential to predict one’s ability to manage complexity.

Complex environments are full of information. This creates additional cognitive load, therefore demanding more brainpower, calculative & deliberate thinking. IQ gives a measure of one’s brainpower. It’s like how megabytes tell the measure of computer operations, its speed.

Try & remember a phone number whilst asking one for directions & memorizing your shopping list! You’ll have a fair idea of your IQ.
As per the “use it or lose it” theory, one can enhance his IQ by regular working memory training like solving puzzles, problems, handling multiple tasks at a time, etc.
Emotional quotient (EQ)
EQ concerns one’s ability to identify, control & express his/her emotions. It relates to effective complexity management in 3 key ways.

First, individual or manager with higher EQ is less susceptible to fretfulness & stress. Complex situations are much resourceful and demanding. Therefore, they’re likely to bring much pressure & stress. However, higher EQ acts like a buffer.

Second, EQ forms a key aspect of interpersonal skills. This means that people or managers having higher EQ are well-equipped to steer clear across complex organizational politics. As a result they’re able to progress in their careers in any organization or business.

In fact, in this hyper-connected world, most employers are looking for soft skills & not technical expertise. This is especially for management & leadership roles.

Third, those with higher EQ are more entrepreneurial. Hence, they’re more proactive to exploit opportunities & take risks. They’re able to transform creative ideas into real innovations.

Curiosity quotient (CQ)

CQ refers to one’s extent of a hungry mind. Those with higher CQ seem to be more inquisitive & open to novel experiences. They’re likely to generate many unique ideas.

Evidence suggests that CQ is equally important for one’s ability to manage complex business environment. How?

Firstly, those with higher CQ have higher tolerance towards uncertainty. This sophisticated & subtle way of thinking defines the smallest essence of complexity.

Secondly, CQ directs one to indulge in greater intellectual investment & knowledge acquisition. Thus, knowledge & expertise generated over a period of time translates complex situations into the familiar ones. Hence, CQ is the vital tool for creating simple solutions for the complex problems.

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