Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The 3 Sales Prospecting Errors One Must Stop Committing Today!


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The 1st impressions are everything when it comes to sales. If any sales rep fails to begin with a right pitch to the appropriate person at right time, he is likely to lose the deal. Hence, when it comes to selling the right way, right sales prospecting is one of the crucial aspects. (Join us at IAM’s seminar on Professional Selling Techniques | Know more)

As per my experience, many reps ignore this important aspect of the right sales prospecting approach. As a result, they fail to understand who is a good lead, what should they talk and when should the prospects be contacted.
Further you’ll learn to overcome the 3 most flagrant sales prospecting errors which are also easily fixable.

1.  Pitch not the decision maker but other influencers-

Many sales reps attempt to find the decision maker at the respective company through their job titles. Once acquired all the contact information, assuming the person to be the contract signer, the reps communicate with him/her through call or email.

However, what do you do when there’s no revert? You’ve already pitched your brand to a potential valuable client but now you have nowhere to go!

Therefore, I suggest sales reps to avoid searching the decision maker while at 1st attempt of sales prospecting. Instead, reach out to other horde of influential people in the company. Ask for referrals towards the person you ultimately want to meet. This strategy is likely to be successful as there are greater chances the decision maker will consider your pitch!

2.  Concentrating on short-and-quick fixes doesn’t work-

When it comes to sales prospecting, many sales representatives think it’s all about uncovering the buyer’s pain points and explaining how your service or product will help. Before you buy that, consider the following illustration-
It’s the wedding of a man’s daughter’s. The man however faces a blown tire while driving his car to the wedding. Seeing another driver walk towards him the man feels fortunate. However, there’s a paradigm shift when the other driver utters the following solution-
“Hey, you need a tire it seems” says the driver.
“No! I need a ride not a tire!” the father replies, frustratingly…

You see that? It points out a very important difference in selling remedies for certain pain points (tires) Vs. providing a well-thought and comprehensive solution! (Ride to the daughter’s wedding).

Hence, sales reps should not concentrate on short-and-quick fixes. However, you must listen to the buyer’s concerns carefully and then provide a comprehensive solution!
3.  Don’t act desperate!

Following up is a vital aspect of sales prospecting. Many sales reps claim of being persistent without pestering. However, many do not end up being either.

The wrong approach-
A sales rep ‘A’ has got 5 touches to spread across a month. He chooses the too-early-too-many-times approach and blasts the prospect at several times trying to get attention within short time. He spends his first 2 touch points on the very first day followed by sending 1 message each of the following three weeks.

The right approach-
Sales rep ‘B’ spends only 1 touch on the first day followed by the 2nd after two couple weeks. He then spends the 3rd one during the month’s last week. The remaining 2 is spent on the last 2 days of the month.

In this way, you should patiently wait for first few weeks and gradually ramp up, not other way around!

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