Monday, October 20, 2014

The 1st Immutable Tip for Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations

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PowerPoint is the easiest platform to use. It is the de-facto software for presentation most businesses use. However, many people are still unaware of its full potential. (Attend our seminar to master the art of creating and delivering effective PowerPoint presentations.)

Here, I am going to present to all my readers the 5 immutable tips you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your PowerPoint presentations (with a step-by-step approach).

Let’s first have a look at Tip 1.

#Tip 1- Having trouble with distorted images? Get your background customized!

Have you ever felt the pain of creating an infographic and then it does not fit correctly in the slide’s default size? Probably yes. Now you can easily unhinge yourself from such clutches of PowerPoint slides by embracing customized background of your choice.

To change the background size, follow the steps below-
1) On the slide’s top-left corner, select 'File.'
2) Choose 'Page Setup.'
3) Type in the required height as well as width of the background you need. Click 'OK.'
4) Click 'OK' again as the dialogue box appears.
5) There it is, your customized background is ready!

Note- It’s good to resize your slides prior to adding any objects, otherwise your objects will appear distorted.
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