Monday, October 20, 2014

The 2nd Immutable Tip for Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations


PowerPoint is the easiest platform to use. It is the de-facto software for presentation most businesses use. However, many people are still unaware of its full potential. (Attend our seminar to master the art of creating and delivering effective PowerPoint presentations.)

Here, I am going to present to all my readers the 5 immutable tips you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your PowerPoint presentations (with a step-by-step approach).

Now, let’s first have a look at #Tip 2. In case you missed the #Tip 1, it’s here.

#Tip 2- Having trouble making everyone understand your presentation’s theme? Use the Slide Master

Many have complained about how difficult it is to have everyone on same page. For instance, many of my colleagues expressed difficulty to get the marketing team understand the core theme or idea while developing slide shares for a brand. Well, here’s the key to let your branding commence without any hassles.

The Slide Master! Follow the below steps-

1) Choose 'Themes' on top navigation bar.
2) Click 'Edit Master on far right, then click 'Slide Master.'
3) After making changes of your choice, click 'Close Master.' Now all your current as well as future slides will use the template you’ve selected. (This will make it easy for everyone concerned to understand the core theme or idea of your presentation easily!)
Click here to discover The 3rd Immutable Tip for Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations.

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