Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How To Make The Most Of Business Seminars?

All those people who are going to attend a business seminar, I’d like ask a simple question: What is your goal?

There are different benefits & parameters one could focus on while attending a business seminar. Hence, if your goal is not clear, you might perhaps lose the objective you’re attending the business seminar for. Are you there for networking & making connections with the smart people or for learning purpose? Maybe your goal is to simply follow the important speakers during the seminar, until they perhaps notice you!

To help one discover his goal, I have mentioned certain types of specific personas below. They will be extremely helpful for a person to choose what type of category will give him/her optimal benefits from the business seminar. (And if you are attending IAM’s BUSINESS SEMINARS 2014, you will be able to do a self-diagnosis & figure out easily what your goal is thus making the most of the seminar)

So find out which type of persona will suit the business occasion? Check out from below list-

The Networker
Aim = Connect with smart professionals
The networker’s aim is to meet & make lasting associations with other professionals of the industry. Also they may have a goal to meet & connect with the keynote speakers. Chances are, these people have made enough connections via social media & have connected to the attendees through the specific “conference hashtag” way before. You’ll perhaps see this person talking to multiple groups during happy hour & handing out his business cards.

The Sponge
Aim= Learn
He is the person who’s there at the business seminar to get the most information as possible. You will probably see him juggling with this laptop, smartphone or a notebook & diligently taking notes. Sometimes such an attendee’s biggest struggle is to decide which seminar to attend (they are all so great!).

The Groundbraker
Aim = Get inspiration
If you love watching TED Talks regularly & Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson is your favorite book then you might consider yourself as the groundbreaker or “innovator”. These people attend business seminars to get inspiration & spark creativity. Entrepreneurs & thinkers & problem solvers can fall under this category.

The Job Seeker
Aim= Getting a job
Job seekers may have a different set of goals for a business seminar. This also depends on his current stage of job hunt. For instance, if one lies in the awareness stage then he might simply listen & learn about various companies & jobs & therefore try to connect with people for the same. One who lies beyond awareness stage, he might have already made certain connections with the seminar attendees looking at their profile through social media channels like LinkedIn or Twitter. Therefore, business seminars would be the best place to meet those people in personal & make an elevator pitch by presenting one’s resume or portfolio & get a good job!

The Deal Maker
Aim = Create business partnerships
The deal maker attends business seminars & conferences with the aim of creating valuable business partnerships. There can be several reasons like for co-marketing, sponsorships, co-branding or speaking opportunities.

Beware of The Spy!
Aim = Competitive intelligence
Such a person attends business conferences solely to find out what his competitors are up to. What are their strategies? What will be their next steps? How strong is the competitor’s hold on market? (This can be judged by observing the number of audience & their response attending the seminar)
Attending business conferences by spies has been a popular sales enablement tactic. It gives the sales team of the firm, useful insights to close additional deals.

If you attend a business seminar or conference choosing from the above 6 goals in mind, you’ll be able to make the most of business seminars & become more productive.

Do you think you’ll fall into one of the above categories during Indian Academy of Management’s (IAM) seminars of 2014? Know more


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